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V-Neck shirt + Faux leather pants

Oh boy! I started volunteering a couple of weeks ago at this homeless shelter, and on my third day of volunteering I was given a box of chocolates that I have not finished to this day. It took me over a week to finish the first row of chocolates, but it seeming to be a struggle to get half-way through the second row this week, hehe. Help me, readers! I’m giving out chocolates : )

I’m excited this morning because my weekend started off with three eBay sells, which were a pair of leather pants, spandex fitness shorts and a pair of running shorts. I have been an eBay seller for years and love it when my items sell. My items sold are mostly fitness clothing and jeans, but I have also sold running shoes, leather pants, shorts and books. Being an avid seller items I say it’s all about timing when you post items to sell because that item is needed by someone at some point. It’s just a matter of time when they need it, and when they look for it online.

I hope you all enjoy this look. It consists of a thrift bought pair of faux leather pants by Express, and a V-neck shirt by Truth, Substance & Common Sense that I have grown to love throughout the years. Both items are a perfect minimal match in my eyes, and I hope that it gives some of you an idea for a future match for yourself.


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