Velour Track Jacket

Both, the jacket (Jaclyn Smith) and the jeans (ZCO Premium) were thrift store finds, only costing $2 each!


Birds Watching – 365 Photos Challenge 92

What Do I Wear?

10-day detox & colon cleanse

Well, Rashida Tlaib is right! They do need to impeach…

Bottom Of The Totem Pole

WOD – Have a good day

Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon

TCS New York City Marathon Sweepstakes Application

How to plan using Yelp’s collection feature

*Yelp writings*

Kaka’ako Waterfront Park by Thomas G.:

Starbucks by Thomas G.:

Buckingham Fountain by Thomas G.:

La Patisserie P by Thomas G.:

Standard Bar & Grill by Thomas G.:

Boulevard Sports Lounge by Thomas G.:

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Drive out the Trump/Pence Regime

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Legal costs for Revolution Club Chicago #crowdfunding

Department of Veterans Affairs: Increase the Disabled Veteran benefits – Sign the Petition! via #Change

Department of Homeland Security: Stop tearing families apart – Sign the Petition! via #Change

Children don’t belong in cages via #Change

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