Pursuing HappYness

Took a page out of my dad’s book. He use to dress like this, but his look was a little more extreme, as far as having an afro, thicker mustache, and jeans that are more torn around the knee area. I feel this an upgraded look, and I’m a upgraded reflection of him. As for the look, I’m wearing a red flannel shirt by Gap; Skinny 511 Strauss & Co jeans by Levis, and On The Go by Skechers. I love the flannel look, and did research on others on Google, and also Lookbook. Hope to showcase more flannel looks as the time goes by, so expect a different color in the future. I titled this “Pursuing HappYness”, because my overall goal in the new year is to be happy, so i will be in full pursuit of it.

Have a Happy New Year, and God bless!


Cross & Strauss Effect

Second half of my Strauss Effect look. I absolutely love this look! The jeans were there right in my face, so i grabbed those too, and prior to walking out the door i though why not go with dress shoes vs comfortable walla bees. Anyway, I’m wearing a long sleeve shirt by a brand called “Party”; 510 Strauss & Co jeans by Levis, and Kenneth Cole dress shoes. I title this the “Strauss Effect”, because these jeans are skin tight, and i went through a crazy process putting them on. There is a video that will share of what a woman went through to get into a pair of skinny jeans. I went through the same process, and seriously had to jump up and down to get into these jeans. I love Strauss & Co jeans by Levis, and the process of getting into these were totally worth it.

“How women put on tight jeans” by Sandy Sticklake: https://youtu.be/aHAp-VxBCoY

Happy Holidays, and God bless!

UFC 207: Nunez vs Rousey

Oh wow! After seeing that comeback video of Ronda Rousey, I’m so pumped for this, but also worried! At first i was like Ronda has this in the bag, but that was until i watched the Tate vs Nunez fight. 

Tate vs Nunez was brutal! As a fan of Miesha Tate, i couldn’t bare to watch most of it. Maybe it was just a game plan failed, but Amanda Nunez constantly drilled Miesha with strikes to the face.

I just hope Ronda comes in with a plan, which I’m sure she will. Many are wondering about where her head is,but I’m sure it’s in the right place. Ronda has avoided press conference for this fight; maybe that’s a good thing, because we all know how media stirs things up! Probably best that she did, because it might take her off her mental game.

What ever happens, it’s great to see Ronda Rousey back, and it would be great to see her reclaim dominance.

Chi-Town Rise And Shine 5k

Chi-Town Rise And Shine 5k, looks like it’s going to be a fun race. Im going to sleep on it, as far as registering right now, but really thinking about it. I would’ve registered months back due to $20 registration, but didn’t think I’d be here, or the weather would be good. 

The price to register is now $50 i believe, and the weather will be in the 40’s. If i miss it, i will definitely take note, and register next year.


The devil in the white city

Oscar-winner Leonardo’s blood-thirsty new film will make The Revenant look like a walk in the park

After reading about HH Holmes, and also visiting the post office numerous of times, which sits in the same sector as the castle i look forward to watching this movie. I will be ordering the book very soon.