Liebster Award #2

Hi all! I have been nominated for Liebster Award by Himanshu. We are mostly losing work-related productivity during the quarantine, right? If so, go check out his blog, because he has great advice on work-related issues and productivity in general. Also about how to be presentable etc. Anything work-related and more. Rules: Thank the blogger […]

Liebster Award #2

Yelp Releases List of Its Top Black-Owned Vegan Restaurants 

This week, Yelp released its list of the highest-rated Black-owned vegan (and vegan-friendly) restaurants on its review platform. The 18 named restaurants stretch from coast-to-coast and span a variety of cuisines from soul food to Jamaican-inspired fare to Ethiopian. When compared to last year, the searches for Black-owned businesses across all categories have increased significantly, […]

Yelp Releases List of Its Top Black-Owned Vegan Restaurants 

New RUCI merchandise

Hi guys, welcome and welcome back to my blog; good morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are reading this from. July has officially come to an end, how has your month been? Mine just came and went like flash! I’m catching up on a few things here and there but it’s all good, we still […]

New RUCI merchandise

DC Comics Originals: Wonder Woman

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Bottom Of The Totem Pole

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My favorite way to Time Travel / Book review of Under the Tuscan Sun

I Love reading and to share the honest truth I love Fiction reading at the very best. I do enjoy reading memoirs too h.e I am not so good with self-help books or life coaching books. Reading has always been my favorite escape from the regular mundane life and it is an easiest way to time travel to the world the book I’m reading is based in.

My favorite way to Time Travel / Book review of Under the Tuscan Sun

A Weird Morning

Were the birds chirping different today? They sounded more melodious somehow. The sun looked brighter too. Oh, the sky. Was it always of this nice shade of blue? It seemed gloomier before. There was no way everything looked and sounded better today all of a sudden. She sighed and shrugged it off, thinking that she […]

A Weird Morning