September 20th run

Tried a new route today running from Union Park to LendNation in Wicker Park neighborhood this morning and actually held to it. Strava application challenges have been keeping me motivated to run during covid-19, which I am very thankful to have since gyms are pretty much up in the air when it comes to visiting for workouts. 

This past weekend I messaged my old fitness center, Breakthrough Familyplex – East Garfield Park with hopes of pursuing gym workouts, but haven’t got any follow-up responses yet. 

I have grown to love running at Union Park typically on the weekend because traffic in the area is low and parking spots are easier to find versus throughout the week.  

I enjoyed this run! It felt like I hit my turnaround point quickly despite having to pee very badly, thanks to the assistance of coffee prior to this run, smh!. Here are some pictures I captured during and after the run.

One of the highlights of Union Park is seeing Sears Tower from a distance.

“Without resistance there would be no glory”

CTA Ashland

Today’s bible verse from church: Acts 2:44-46

Trail runner

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I yearn for that energy

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Foodie Confession via Virily

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I’ve got 99 problems, so I went on a run …..

I’ve got 99 problems, so I went on a run to ignore them all.

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Me & Meb Keflezighi

I was excited to meet Meb at Rock N Roll Chicago 5k. He is one of my favorite elite runners and also fellow Skechers representer. The one thing that I love about Rock N Roll Chicago Marathon series races, are that there are always elite athletes that come out to support the event. I stood in a long line to take this picture and best believe it tops everything that I have done since I have been a runner.

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“Most of us have enough areas in our lives where we have to meet others’ expectations. Let your running be about your own hopes and dreams.”  ― Meb Keflezighi

5 Ways to get into running, and stay into it

I have not always been a serious runner; I just fell in love with it! The love for it came from having an interest in running a full marathon, which became a goal, and the rest is history. You do not have to have a goal to run a full marathon to get into running! All you need is a goal, and a desire to accomplish that goal. Below, I share with you 5 ways that helped me get into it, and stay into it for over a decade.

  1. Find a local running club to run with– I have had success finding running groups that range from beginners to amateur. Places that I have found these groups are websites like; Running in the USA, and Facebook. The running groups will also allow you the chance to mingle in with runners that fall into your ability category, which will give you the opportunity to build relationships. The relationships you build will give you something to look forward to, and keep you coming back for more runs as the time goes on. The relationships you build will also allow you to connect with someone that maybe lives in your neighborhood. You would be surprised to find out, that you may have more in common other than the interest in running.
  2. Surround yourself with things or people that love it – I have found that keeping things that involve running in my life have kept me fueled and inspired to do it. I always keep a good running magazine or two in my apartment, because you would be surprised at some of the stories you would find inside of it. If I never would have found an article on Dean Karnazes inside of a running magazine, I would probably not be so into running how I ‘am today. Some of the stories that are shared in running magazines, such as Runners World; you would be surprise at some of the friction that many encounter in their lives, and how running allows them to battle through these obstacles. As mentioned in the first point; you have your running clubs, but another way to further that would be to go out and volunteer at local races. Something that I always tell my friends that are interested in running, is to be in that environment. Being in that environment will allow you to feed off some of that energy from other runners, which will fuel you to get out and do it or be in that environment.
  3. Post your workouts on social media – This may be annoying for some of your friends, but some may like it. It gives you that extra support system, plus; it gives them something to talk about when they see your posts, or see you in person. It can also lead to compliments of how running has changed your physical features as well. Many of my friends that see me in person always ask things like “Are you still running?”, “What race are you training for now?”, or they may even ask your recommendations on a brand that their interested in. One of my favorite things that I have done in the past, was show up to church in running clothes. It allowed me to break the ice with fellow church members that were a little hesitant on approaching me, plus; it gave me the chance to hear some of their interesting stories about how they’re not fit to run, which resulted in smiles and laughter.
  4. Always have goals – Whether its running a 5k; losing weight; beating cancer; or running a marathon, always have goals! Goals like trying to fit in to an outfit, or to get fit for the summer will not work. One of the things that always make me laugh are those New Year’s resolution goals to run or stay in the gym that only lasts for a few weeks or months. You must think beyond things like outfits; resolutions, and summer goals. Try thinking about your health or the ones that will be effected by your health if you continue to live your life the way you are. That should fuel you to keep at doing it, because it’s something you care about versus an outfit that won’t last forever or just being fit for the summer. Think beyond!
  5. Sign up for a race – Whether it’s a 5k, 10k, half marathon, or marathon, sign up for it! And use your own money to register for it, because if you do not get out and get ready for it; the money is a total waste. And nobody wants to waste money, so why not go for it! A great approach would be to register for it; informing anyone that would support it, such as family, coworkers, friends, or friends on social media; then finding that local running group to add extra support in fueling you to get outside the door to run.

The key things to take away from this, is to always have goals, and surround yourself around people that are into it, or support it. If you are a beginner you do not want to be around people that hate it, because it really won’t do you any good, and will later impact your motivation to do it; as well as your goals to better yourself. Surround yourself with people that support your goals, not people that tear down your goals.