Two combat sports colliding


In what is looking to be the colliding of two combat sports and two superstars; the biggest fight of the year is amongst us; yes! The boxing match between Conor ‘The Notorious’ McGregor and Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is finally here. On paper the fight looks to favor Conor McGregor in youth being twelve years younger than Floyd; slight height advantage being one inch taller; weight being three pounds more, and having a two-inch reach advantage over Floyd, but get this. Floyd Mayweather has the experience advantage over Conor McGregor having forty-nine total fights, with an impressive undefeated win streak vs Conor McGregor’s zero boxing match experience. Sure, Conor McGregor has knowledge of boxing, but he has not had any boxing matches compared to Floyd Mayweather who has more.

As for the fight build up itself, it looks as though Conor McGregor has the edge in fan support for the fight, even though Floyd Mayweather is the favor to win. What caught my attention during the press conferences were the huge number of Mixed Martial Arts/ Ultimate Fighting Championship fans in the audience. You can hear the difference when Conor McGregor made his entrance/speech compared to when Floyd Mayweather made his entrance/speech during the conference, so fan support favors Conor McGregor, and I’m sure many of his fans will be ringside to support him during the fight itself.

One thing that caught my eye during the buildup to this fight are the fans from both combat sports are divided. Very few fans support the fighter from the opposite sport! When I say this, I’m saying that few Mixed Martial Arts fans support Floyd Mayweather; as well few boxing fans support Conor McGregor. MMA/UFC fans tend to be totally oblivious to Floyd Mayweather’s in ring skills, and only focused on what Conor McGregor has done in his UFC career fights; ignoring the fact that Conor has not had any boxing matches. One thing I noticed about boxing fans are that some do give Conor McGregor a chance, which is a punchers chance to win or maybe even the chance because he is very unorthodox in movement compared to a boxer. Another thing I noticed about the fight, is that many boxers/ boxing fans seem to be disinterested in watching the fight, because of the lack of experience that Conor McGregor has compared to Floyd Mayweather. Deontay Wilder, who is a current World Boxing Champ in the heavyweight division says “It’s an easy fight for Floyd, and he knows it; along with McGregor, and that it’s nothing more than a money stunt for him”. Deontay went on to say that “It’s easy money; easy money for Floyd!”. Oscar De La Hoya, who just happens to be a former opponent of Floyd Mayweather said the potential fight would be a “circus” and bad for boxing – but he predicted to SiriusXM Sports that McGregor would “look really ridiculous” if he seriously tried to box Mayweather.

With all being said, I think the way that Conor McGregor boxes Floyd Mayweather will be the deciding factor in this fight. If he fights smart as well as unorthodox during the whole entire fight, I personally give him the chance to pull off the win; maybe make it during the full twelve rounds, but Floyd Mayweather is very well known to adjust to any style in the ring, and his forty-nine and zero record speaks for itself.

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