Charisma is the special quality that gives an individual influence or authority over large numbers of people. Comparing ‘swag‘ with charisma, which are similar in ways ‘swag’ is more of a confident walk or strut, rather than the ability to capture the attention of an audience through speaking. A person can have ‘swag’ but no charisma, as well as a person with charisma can have no ‘swag’ whatsoever.  

I believe that some people are naturally born with charisma, as well as being able to learn it. A few of my favorite celebrities such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura, The Nature Boy Ric Flair, and John Cena all have natural charisma, that has taken their careers to different levels beyond wrestling.

 Having the ability to learn it can also come with having the knowledge of the subject presenting. Being able to speak with facts and truth can go ways also. Having charisma has its advantages. All one must possess is the confidence to present information, and it can go along way.  Many with charisma tend to be more successful than someone without it, even not having knowledge of the information presenting.

 Not having charisma has its disadvantages also. A few of the disadvantages of not having charisma is one can sound very boring and dry, and lose an audience, while presenting information.  It can also cause one to be very skeptical with the individual presenting.  One can possess the knowledge of the subject presenting, but not have charisma presenting. 

Having charisma is a positive thing, if one has the knowledge to back up what they speak, however, if one doesn’t possess the knowledge to back up what they speak, they can be looked at as a fraud or manipulator, which is a bad thing. It can cause a lot of damage in the long the long run to a persons character. I do believe that having charisma is a important thing in this world. It sells! Especially if you’re involved in public speaking, politics, or any role that puts you in front of a audience.


Balancing school, work, fitness, and a long distance relationship

While growing up I’ve learned to balance many things in life. Having a career, I had to balance my favorite activities, and work. As the years went on, I picked up more responsibility at work, found myself in a relationship, and also started school at Harold Washington College. Having so many things committed to can cause a lot of stress at times, especially when you don’t show enough attention to one or the other.

On a daily basis I have to prioritize all of the four, with school being my main priority. Not showing school enough attention can cause bad grades, the possibility of dropping out, and not getting where I want to be in life.

My job is the most least important, out of the four, considering that my school is paid for. I work as a supported living assistant, with an adult with a disability. The job is more for experience, and extra income, while attending school at Harold Washington. My work schedule is planned around my school schedule, but I do work when I‘m scheduled to work. The thought of being fired from a job, or getting a bad recommendation, doesn’t sit well with me, so I have to make it a priority.

Since 2007, I have been deeply into running, and now cycling. I run anything from 1 mile to a 31 mile ultra marathon run. It is my cure after a long day, or before my day starts, to clear my mind. It has been my favorite stress reliever for 8 years now, and it keeps me sane. I’m a lot more calmer, and feel that I can take over the world, when I have started my day with a workout.

I found myself in a long distance relationship, this year, after leaving Honolulu, Hawaii. So far, we’ve been dating for 1 year, and 3 months now. Prior to dating, we were friends for 2 years, and met while in the running community. Being in a relationship with someone that shares a main interest in a hobby that you love dearly, always opens up conversations. Being in a long distance relationship, you always have to have a good level of trust, and communication with your partner. If not, then it just makes things more confusing, and adds more stress in your life. It can turn a good day, into a bad day before it even starts.

Having so many things committed to will overall make me a better person, and able to plan better. Every responsibility is a priority, and plays a major part in who I’am, and where I want to be in life. Every day, they all have to balance, or it will only make things more complicated in my life.

What is it like to move to Chicago?

​It’s not bad, if you are prepared prior to moving. If your planning to move here I’d do research on jobs, neighborhoods, violence, and activities in the area.

As for jobs you want to see whats available, and the pay of it. Chicago is expensive in certain areas; especially on the north side if you want to live in a peaceful environment.

Neighborhoods are a plus, because there are some that are diverse, and some that are dominantly one ethnic culture. If you move to a neighborhood dominant of another ethnicity, then you’ll be living in their culture style.

Violence is a huge thing, and you want to know what neighborhoods are the worse, and also what kind of violence happens in that neighborhood. You dont want to move to a neighborhood thats high in burglaries or shootings.

Last but not least activities. Chicago has a lot of neighborhood block parties from what i see. It gives you a chance to get a good feel of your neighborhood, and the people in it. Block parties are fun, because the businesses are out also selling there products and food too. 

Fighting Illini Fan Apparel 

Supporting my favorite college football team. The colors I definitely love; along with University of Illinois Fighting Illini athletics. I’ve been a fan of U of I, since Jr High School, and have always worn the orange and blue colors; Go Fighting Illini! : )


Being an African American male is very rough at times, because I feel that every day, I have to battle the negative stereotypes that we have: violent, ignorant, and lazy. Out of all of the other races, I feel that we are viewed in the worse way, due to others ignorance in our race. There are many times that I’m proud to call myself an African American male, and other times not so proud, and wish that I were a different race; any race other than African American! You can’t put us all in that negative category, due to what others do or are like! Every race has violent, ignorant, and lazy people in it, not just the African American race! One of the good things about being an African American male, is being that first positive experience in someone’s life; that has never been around an African American, and giving them a better view of the race and culture. Statistics are high, but trust me we all aren’t bad. Like apples, there are only a few bad out of a bunch, but in our case there are a few that are good, out of a bunch.

Living in Chicago, I feel that it is one of the worse places to live as far as African American stereotypes, and also violence. Once upon a time, I told my Filipino girlfriend that she had a better chance at not getting shot than I did, if we were to take a walk on the south side of Chicago. I told her that being an African American male, I may get mistaken for someone else, or either someone that partakes in gang violence, which I look, and carry myself far from being in a gang or living the life of a “savage”. According to “”, there is a person murdered every thirteen hours, and fifteen minutes, and a person shot every two hours, and fifty minutes; very ridiculous statistics, and 70% of it is African American violence. Looking at “”, the neighborhoods that are the worse are: Austin, Garfield Park, Englewood, and North Lawndale, so If you’re ever considering moving to Chicago you might want to avoid moving to those neighborhoods. As for in the United States alone black or African American makes up 13.2% of the population, and according to statistics from “BOP” blacks are 37.6% of inmates in US prisons.

As an African American male, and experiencing things first hand I feel that we are the most understood people in this world: we are looked down at by the way we were raised; looked down at by the way we talk, and looked down at due to African Americans that do ignorant things that go viral. On Tuesday evening, while riding the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) Red Line, I listened to an African American male complain about people pissing him off at work; he complained for a good thirty minutes. The picture that he painted made it seem like everyone is out to get him, which I’m sure not all are. Sometimes you just have to agree with others opinions and move on; just do you, and stay out of the limelight! Some people will blame you for things, when it’s convenient to them; especially if you don’t fit in the crowd. As for experiences that is what I’ve dealt with in certain cases, so I just tended to myself.

As for being lazy, not all of us are lazy; like I said in this writing we are just misunderstood! If many were forwarded opportunities to take leading roles in positions: jobs, school projects, or community projects they would! From my view as an African American male, it seems that many hope to see us fail, which is very sad at times, but a perfect example is President Obama! Our President never gets credit for what he has done thus far to make America better, and constantly gets blamed for mess ups that happen in America. It will take a while for America to be fixed, if it even can be fixed, but it’s not President Obama’s fault so why blame him? It was messed up when President Bush was in office, and it will most likely still be messed up once the next POTUS is in route out of office. Anyway, I got a little off topic, but according to report by Chicago Tribune, Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz “Nearly half of young black men in Chicago out of work, out of school”. It also stated that 47 % of 20 to 24 year old black men in Chicago, and 44 % in Illinois, were out of school and out of work in 2014, compared with 20 % of Hispanic men and 10 percent of white men in the same age group, according to the report from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Great Cities Institute. The numbers for black men are far worse in Chicago and Illinois than elsewhere in the country.

In this writing, I wanted to show you proof by statistics of the category that me, and others are put into. Put yourself in my shoes as one trying to good, and dealing with the adversity of these things on a daily basis. I will leave you with this quote by Desmond Tutu “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”.


During the past months, I’ve been doing research on celebrity fashions, and a few different celebrities have popped up that I have seen so far. I have even come across a Face book page titled “Women wear pants. Let Men wear skirts”. This Face book page has many different pictures of men wearing skirts, but still looking presentable in them. I have seen a new style by the son of Jaden Smith (son of Will and Jada Smith), and also a unique style by rapper “Young Thug”. Many people in our society frown upon these celebrities’ styles and may be a little confused and think that their gay, because their wearing women’s clothing, but I simply view it as a form of fashion.

I certainly have nothing against them or view them as “Eeww!” for what they choose to wear, but many people in our society do; not all but some! I just read an article titled “Lil Duval is Scared of a Gender-Bending World That Includes Jaden Smith” by Evelyn Diaz, and this sparked a topic for me to mention about. Lil Duval fears that it’s only a glimpse of what’s to come. I completely have nothing against Gender-Bending, but please if you choose to wear certain clothing that women wear, don’t get too raunchy with it. What I’m trying to say is that nobody wants to see a male walking around dressed like a stripper in a strip club. Nothing against men or guys that choose to wear skirts, pants, short shorts, or any type of fancy clothing that women wear, and still look presentable, but please don’t take it to the extreme.

In our society many people are brainwashed into thinking that if a man wears women’s clothing that he is gay or bisexual, but do women get judged if they wear men’s clothing? No! Are they looked at as being gay? No! Are women viewed as “Eew” if caught in the men’s section? No! The same goes with the color pink! Pink is JUST A COLOR, that many people in our society are brainwashed into thinking is a girl’s color. Just because a man wears pink, that does not mean that he is gay or bisexual! It may mean that he just likes different colors, other than the plain colors we have in the men’s section, but it certainly doesn’t mean that he is gay! I myself love to wear multiple different colors when I run, and purple, tiffany blue, and turquoise are a few to name; I have even worn pink, but that doesn’t mean I’m gay. I have also got certain looks for wearing certain things such as “Nike Tempo Track Shorts”, which I have many different colors, but that doesn’t mean that I’m gay or bisexual! The design, look, feel and fit is what attracts me to wearing certain things.

Before I get off topic with this, I want to say that celebrities are well known for being trendsetters, when it comes to many things in life: fashion, lifestyle, quotes, and words. Many may dress the way they dress for attention, or to keep us wondering, but no one should be judged on their sexuality by what they choose to wear. We are all human beings, and being different is what makes us unique as human beings. Marc Jacobs said it best, when he showed up to the “2012 Met Ball” in a black, lacy dress. Marc quoted that “I just didn’t want to wear a tuxedo and be boring”. As for me, I do think that if we weren’t different then we would be boring, and no one wants to be just that. We should be happy that their wearing clothing, and not naked; not disgusted by what gender’s clothing they choose to wear. I can tolerate seeing a man or guy wearing women’s clothing more than I can tolerate seeing someone wearing clothing hanging off their body, but that’s just my point of view of the whole situation. Colors are colors, and clothing is clothing. My theory is, if it doesn’t say it’s strictly for women, then it isn’t strictly for women.

Are We That Blind?

Seeing Donald Trump run for president makes it seem as though anyone can run for president. I have yet to see Donald Trump do a speech, and actually tell us how he plans to “Make America Great” as he says. Every time I just happen to catch him on television, he is always insulting someone whether a political figure, veteran, minorities, or even a reporter with a disability. Not to mention the man even claimed to not know about the Ku Klux Klan, after former leader David Duke endorsed him, but that’s a whole different topic. I mean really? who doesn’t know about the Ku Klux Klan? Is this seriously the man that will possibly be our next President of the United States? Are you kidding me? This seriously has to be a bad dream! How can a man that promotes so much hatred, racism, and no agenda to back up his words be so far in getting elected? Are we that blind, or are Donald Trump’s views a reflection of what the average American thinks deep down?

What simply gets old to me is seeing him insult other people, and countries, which according to “The New York Times” he has insulted a total of 258 on Twitter alone. A few of those names include President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Bernie Sanders. One thing that simply got old very quick was turning my television channel, and seeing Donald Trump’s attacking words on someone who chose not to support him. It’s very sick to see, and can you imagine someone like that as our President of the United States.

Donald Trump has insulted military veterans. As a veteran myself; serving 12 years in the military his insults really boil my blood, such as his claim to have sacrificed as much as fallen soldiers. In the interview Donald Trump compared his business success to those who have sacrificed their lives in battle for their country, but that’s not all! How can we not forget insults on John McCain, saying that “He’s not a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured”. Just imagine what it would be like having Donald Trump as our President of the United States.

For me as an African American male, I don’t feel very comfortable with the possibility of having someone like this as our next President of the United States. From my view this man puts minorities in a whole different category compared to Caucasians, and it stinks! Donald Trump doesn’t even know how to address minorities; so how does he expect to help minorities. All minorities are to Donald Trump, are just votes to get him into office, and he’ll make any promise to get that minority vote.

One thing that really dropped my jaw is when Donald Trump mocked a New York Times reporter that suffers from a chronic condition. That was flat out, not cool, and not very leader like! What’s sad, is that these disrespects are blatant, and viral, but yet there are still many that support Donald Trump, after these antics. All I can really say is that, if this man gets elected as President of the United States, God help us all, because we will need it!



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Fighting Illini fan apparel 

Supporting my favorite college football team. Omg, i love this shirt! The colors I definitely love; along with University of Illinois Fighting Illini athletics. I’ve been a fan of U of I, since Jr High School, and have always worn the orange and blue colors; Go Fighting Illini! : )

Anyway, the shirt is Pro Edge by Knights Apparel; my jeans are Monarchy Atalier, and shoes are Skechers On The Go : )

Beyond blessed 

The aftermath of wearing a wave cap all night. Sigh* I will do my best to leave this up, but it bothers me. Anyway, I’m wearing a a cardigan by Kaisely; dress pants by H&M; undershirt by Old Navy, and dress shoes by Kenneth Cole. I will be tweaking this in the future, so be on the lookout. I love this cardigan ♡