Pom knit + Puffer vest + Jeans

I really loved this combination, and I plan to switch out the under shirt with a blue undershirt in the near future because it will match well with the Pom knit hat and the denim jeans. I have alternate looks to this that I will share on different dates with darker jeans, and without the Pom knit.


I am inspired to dress as Maleficent https://virily.com/fashion/i-am-inspired-to-dress-as-maleficent/?mref=1065

“I stumbled upon this Nike fleece, which costed only $6.” https://virily.com/fashion/thrift-confession-9/?mref=1065

“The church I found blended right in with the hipster community it is surrounded by on the west side of Chicago” https://virily.com/lifestyle/the-church-i-found/?mref=1065

“I love the burn in my legs after a good stair workout, which I most definitely got after only 5 repeats of these stairs” https://virily.com/beauty-health/gym-workout-stair-repeats/?mref=1065

“I would imagine that the UCF Knights are looking to make another statement, as they did a year ago against the Auburn Tigers in the Peach Bowl” https://virily.com/virily_poll/playstation-fiesta-bowl-ucf-knights-vs-lsu-tigers/?mref=1065

*Yelp writings*

Boba Burger by Thomas G.:

People Church by Thomas G.:

Logan Square by Thomas G.:

Family Thrift Store by Thomas G.:

90 Miles Cuban Café by Thomas G.:


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Natasha Bedingfield – Pocketful of Sunshine


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