Brooks athlete questions 

​I filled out a questions to be featured as a Brooks athlete. I had to give thought about a lot of the questions i answered, but would like to share a few of them with you all that follow this blog.

Q. What is you favorite Brooks run gear?

My favorite piece of Brooks running gear is my split sided Brooks running shorts, which I’m wear for many of my races. I have several pairs, and love the pockets, design, and how the wind blows them during my runs. 

Q. Describe your best (or most memorable) run or race? What made it special?  

Anything marathon distance and beyond. The memories are special, because i battle many things in my life that add friction to my training. The distance and training is demanding, but the rewarding feeling of receiving that finishers medal, always breaks me down in the end.

Q. Any quirky or unusual running habits you’d like to share?  

Prior to a race i gag a lot, but it goes away once I’m at the starting line. I always feel that it’s my bodies way of wanting to get rid of anything that will hold me back from running my best. 

Q. If you could meet any famous (or not-so-famous) athlete in person, who would it be and why? 

I would have to say Dean Karnazes! His 50 /50 journey was the main reason why i ran my first marathon, which was 10 years ago. I’ve been running every since, and if it wasn’t for him, i wouldn’t have started running. Running is life, and it gets me through many obstacles that are placed in front of me. It has gotten me through tough times in the military; during a relationship breakup, career change, and stress during college.

Make us a playlist! We’ll partner with Spotify to feature athlete playlists on List 10 – 15 songs and a short description for your playlist.

1. Waka flaka – Hard in da paint

2. Disturbed – Prayer 

3. Disturbed – Rise

4. Disturbed – Fear

5. Linkin Park – New Divide

6. Eminem – No Love 

7. MGK – Invincible

8. Linkin Park – What I’ve done

9. Linkin Park – Breaking the habit

10. Linkin Park – Runaway

11. T.I. – Top Back

12. Drake – Jumpman

13. Avenged Sevenfold – Hail to the king

14. The Roots – Fire

15. The Weeknd – Starboy

16. The Weeknd – In the night

I know i went over, but these get me either fired up to run, or fired up during my run. They even give me that extra “swag” to my pace.


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