These boots are back! 

Outfit featured is a stingy brim straw hat by David and Young; a Chicago Bulls Basketball shirt by U (Ross brand) ; shorts by Chasecult; and a pair of European boots by Trappeur.

Tried something different by combining straw hat, shorts, and boots together. What sets this look off to me are the colors! The colors are amazing, and definitely stand out. 

Stay tuned for my next few shots of this feature. You’ll love the bench shot i have, because it’s very colorful, and me & this outfit are being sun-kissed by it. Out of all the shots i took of this outfit, this is by far the darkest, but i hope you all enjoy. : )

Nancy Sinatra “These boots are made for walking”


2 thoughts on “These boots are back! 

    1. Thank you! The boots were last minute, but wanted to put together something slightly different. The last time i shared these boots on my lookbook, this song fueled me, so i wanted to bring it back : )

      Song takes me back to my childhood years : )

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