The trip back to Hawaii

Peaceful night on the CTA Bryn Mawr platform. Big difference in the weather as well. Earlier it was 70° , but now its 48°.

Hopefully i get some sleep tonight, or better yet this morning. It’s 0236, and my flight is at 0740.

I ended up picking my suitcase up, and carrying it because of urine being on the deck. Very disgusting! 

This ride seems like forever, because i have to stand. The train is filled with homeless people trying to stay warm. The closer i get to O’Hare Airport the sooner i can check in, and get some rest. I feel like a zombie roaming around.


Im so lazy; I’m just going to ride this until the end. My feet are done!

Going to Los Angeles baby! : )

And there she is! I can now get a little bit of sleep. Boarding starts in 1 hour and 25 minutes. Plenty of time for a nice little nap. Have a great day everyone. Im headed to LA then to Hawaii.

Up, up and away! : )


8 thoughts on “The trip back to Hawaii

      1. Was stationed there in the military : )

        If you visit, just make sure you give yourself days to explore. Hawaii has a ton of history! Each island is unique with many things to explore.

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      2. #jealousyalert haha. Sure, will do. Thanks for the tips 🙂 If I go there it will most defo be for at least couple of weeks, cos of the jet lag… I hate exploring
        when feeling like a zombie 😀

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