LAX portable charging stations

I’ve been flying to and from LAX for many years, and never had any issues. When i served in the military; their USO was flawless! Definitely no complaints on that end, and it was one of the best that I’ve experienced. 

LAX has these portable charging stations that are an amazing feature. Some are built in the seating area; some have tables where you can charge your phone, laptop, or tablet; and some are built for you to stand while charging your phone. Needless to say that charging your electronics will not be an issue at LAX. Nowadays, we need those things to keep our electronics charge, so we can stay occupied, and connected with friends or family while traveling. Big kudos for that LAX! 

Internet signal is sometimes hit-or-miss in certain parts, so if you have great service then you just hit the jackpot. I recommend being near the windows, because that’s where I’ve had the most success.


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