Klatch Coffee

Im totally in love with Klatch Coffee’s mango smoothie! Only $5, but worth it! They have strawberry, and banana as well. If your looking for healthy options in the terminal, Klatch is it! And Klatch sits right across from gate 70b in the United Airlines terminal. 

The first impression is always the one that counts! Well, I rate this place nothing less than 4 stars. Klatch Coffee, does have an area where you can enjoy your beverage or food, but not my style; it’s a little open and uncomfortable, but that’s just me. Great for waiting on your order though, but I’m much more comfortable enjoying my meal in random areas around the airport were i can relax; charge my phone; lay out; and surf the internet on my laptop/phone while keeping it charged. Those are things that i can’t do in Klatch’s dining area.

Mango smoothie ♡

Im in love with these booths! So many of them open, so you have no worries about not being able to charge your phone, laptop or tablet.

That one didn’t last long, and to think i had a craving for a Pepsi while flying. I chose the smoothie, because it was a more healthier option, and wouldn’t interfere with me getting rest on my flight. We all know the effects of caffeine, and i had to think about it when making the decision.


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