Psychology homework

The fun part about my psychology class is that it’s so demanding that I complete sections in the chapter every day. There are normally three sections in a chapter. Normally I’m motivated when I start sections 1 & 2, but by the time I hit 3 I’m bored, and easily distracted. It normally takes me the longest to do 3, because I’m doing multiple things at one time, such as being logged on to Yelp; my blog; YouTube, and

All I can think about right at this moment is spring break, and also how many chapters I have left. I’m hoping to squeeze in motivation to get ahead during spring break, so I can take a little bit of the stress off. I still get things done, but having multiple distractions by the time I hit section 3, prolongs my time on campus, when I could be doing other things. I just picked up a habit of listening to the Mortal Kombat theme song to keep me in the ball game. Ready to kick some homework @SS! ; )

The fun of being a all year long full-time student; Spring, Summer, and Fall with only breaks in between those semesters : )


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