Leprechaun’s Leap – Chicago

I enjoyed Leprechaun’s Leap! I ran the 8k portion of the race, which overall was a great course with a mix of dirt, and pavement. As for St Patty’s Day races in general; it is by far the cheapest compared to others in Chicago. If you want any that compare in price you’ll have to look outside of Chicago.

As for the course itself; it was well marked with cones, support and water stations along the way from start to finish. Leprechauns Leap brings to you a 5k, and 8k race, which both are equally fun. I definitely recommend wearing GREEN; as well as dressing up, but dress warm also, because it’s cold I remind you. Crazy me; being use to Hawaii weather went out in a singlet, and shorts; hehe ; )

As for parking; I recommend getting their early to get something close, or you’ll be parking further out from the event itself in the parking lot for the zoo.

I will end this at; I recommend this race for anyone wanting to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in a fun/ fit way prior to, or after St Patrick’s Day itself. 


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