Pursuing HappYness

  • 3. 511 STRAUSS & COLEVI’S

Took a page out of my dad’s book. He use to dress like this, but his look was a little more extreme, as far as having an afro, thicker mustache, and jeans that are more torn around the knee area. I feel this an upgraded look, and I’m a upgraded reflection of him. As for the look, I’m wearing a red flannel shirt by Gap; Skinny 511 Strauss & Co jeans by Levis, and On The Go by Skechers. I love the flannel look, and did research on others on Google, and also Lookbook. Hope to showcase more flannel looks as the time goes by, so expect a different color in the future. I titled this “Pursuing HappYness”, because my overall goal this year is to be happy, so i plan to stay in full pursuit of it.


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