Impact of the midterm

I’m not in it today! Maybe because it’s a Monday, or maybe I’m suffering from laziness after MIDTERMS! Needless to say that my attention span is very low today, and I honestly don’t want to do homework. Yep, it’s one of those days for me today; hehe.

‘MyPsychLab’ homework normally is posted on Tuesday’s, and due in a week. I normally have it done by Monday, but today I may have to prolong it until Tuesday morning, but best believe I will have it completed by  the end of Psychology class on Tuesday, which I will probably not attend, so I can finish the work ; )

All I can seriously focus on right now is YouTube, WWE Monday Night Raw, Lookbook, and my blog! It’s a struggle today, and I hope to recover from the impact of MIDTERMS! I have one more MIDTERM on Thursday, so help me God! I feel like I’m hanging from a tree limb with only one arm!

Ooouuu; I wonder what’s happening on WWE Monday Night Raw right now?


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