Online dating 

Online dating is a total headache! It’s impossible to meet anyone, because many people that do it are picky, bored, lonely, wanting someone temporary to feel a void or sex. You can tell the differences in the conversations or things shown on profiles. 

If someone can’t have a simple conversation from a picture or some random thing you have on your profile, then their probably bored. What’s so hard about maintaining a simple conversation? Getting those closed-ended questions are your warning sign for that bored person; normally feels interrogating. 

The picky ones, stay away from them, because you’ll never be what their looking for, and 10 years from now they will still be miserable, and single! They look for certain traits, weight, height, and stays away from certain ethnic groups.  

The lonely lookers you might want to stay away from, or you’ll end up being totally attached to instantly. They only want that temporary void, and that’s the only thing they will want from you. 

Sex is obvious, and you can see that from raunchy clothing, words on profile, and the things they say or things they do in leisure time. 

Total headache! If you want glimpses of them all, then log on to Craigslist and take a look at some of the ads. There you will find all that I’ve mentioned. Pretty dang scary if you ask me.


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