Honolulu Marathon 

Lost track, of how many of these i ran, but i believe I’m at 18! ; ) As far as Honolulu Marathon itself, I’ve ran it twice, but haven’t made it out for my third one as of yet. When i did, i wasn’t feeling very well which led to me not even making it out, and parking played a factor in that also because i wanted to get that third Honolulu Marathon medal. A note on parking, its horrible! Ayway, Honolulu Marathon is by far one of my favorite marathons that I’ve ran. This event is huge, and best believe you will get many laughs along the course. Many of the Japanese runners come out in costumes, that will enlighten your mood, and also make you laugh. 

The event also attracts elite runners from all around the globe, and prior to the run itself there is a short around Kapiolani Park with the elite runners competing  in the race. It’s pretty cool, and gives you the chance to pick their brains on why their so awesome : )

One thing that bothers me about this marathon, is that its like a scavenger hunt, trying to find the finishers medal, and t-shirt tent, after finishing the run itself. I remind you that you’ve just ran 26.2 miles, and the next task is finding the medal, and tshirt tent. Yes, exactly! Very draining, but hopefully things have changed. That’s my only complaint, but the rest is all good, such as cold water shower at the finish line, beer, food, finisher photo with a hula girl, and a sweet t-shirt, and medal once you find the tent ; )

Have a blast, and take in the beautiful sights of Koko Head, Hawaii Kai, and Diamond Head; just to name a few of my favorites : )


Thomas Gouard


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