Marine Corps Marathon 

Marine Corps Marathon was my very first marathon ever! I’ve ran it a total of three times: 2007, 2008, and 2012! Out of every marathon i have ran; there ain’t none that compares to the Marine Corps Marathon. 

Being a Marine Veteran myself; the accomplishment of finishing it means a lot, and the feeling never changes after every one that I’ve ran. I tend to get teary eyed every time i come up that final hill, which leads up to the finish line near the Iwo Jima Memorial. Yep! Omg, I’m getting flashbacks! That hill! Brutal, after a 26 mile run! Hehe, but getting that Eagle, Globe, and Anchor medal draped around my neck feels very rewarding in the end.

Marine Corps Marathon, is well stocked with water, snacks, spectators, supporters, and support from the Marines along the course. Back when i was stationed in Arlington, i never got the chance to volunteer, because i was the one always competiting in it. Marine Corps Marathon, has Marines all over the National Capital Region volunteering in this event, from Marine Corps Base Henderson Hall down to Marine Corps Base Quantico.

Great event! This race attracts runners, walkers, and wheelchair racers from all over the world. I hope to make it out for a fourth one in the future. I could use an updated tour of Arlington, and Washington DC on foot ; )

2007 Marine Corps Marathon

2008 Marine Corps Marathon 

2012 Marine Corps Marathon


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