Lucky we live in Chicago

Lake Shore Drive, is my gateway strip from the north side to the south side, or vice versa! I can never get enough of the views while driving on LSD. During the morning hours you have the sunrise, and during the evening hours you have the sunset gleaming over our beaches along the lakefront. A couple of those beaches are North Avenue, and Oak Street Beach! Very gorgeous, but it doesn’t stop there. 

Entering the downtown area you have John Hancock; Navy Pier; Soldiers Field; Maggie Daley; Sears Tower; Buckingham Fountain; Millennium Park, and a variety of museums; all along LSD. I can never get enough of these views, and they have always given me that tingling feeling that I’m in Chicago. Im also taken away by seeing local, and visiting runners, and cyclists on our lakefront. Being a runner, and cyclist myself, i also get a tad bit jealous, but i eventually get my time on the lakefront trail too.

LSD, can also be a nightmare when there is a lot of traffic, but you can outweigh that by taking in the beautiful city views that I’ve mentioned throughout this review. The longer the better! Just like Hawaiian residents say “Lucky We Live In Hawaii!”, I say “Lucky We Live In Chicago!”. It’s the little things that make a difference, and LSD gives you reminders of the many we have in Chi-Town. ~ Thomas Gouard


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