What is it like to move to Chicago?

​It’s not bad, if you are prepared prior to moving. If your planning to move here I’d do research on jobs, neighborhoods, violence, and activities in the area.

As for jobs you want to see whats available, and the pay of it. Chicago is expensive in certain areas; especially on the north side if you want to live in a peaceful environment.

Neighborhoods are a plus, because there are some that are diverse, and some that are dominantly one ethnic culture. If you move to a neighborhood dominant of another ethnicity, then you’ll be living in their culture style.

Violence is a huge thing, and you want to know what neighborhoods are the worse, and also what kind of violence happens in that neighborhood. You dont want to move to a neighborhood thats high in burglaries or shootings.

Last but not least activities. Chicago has a lot of neighborhood block parties from what i see. It gives you a chance to get a good feel of your neighborhood, and the people in it. Block parties are fun, because the businesses are out also selling there products and food too. 


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