Balancing school, work, fitness, and a long distance relationship

While growing up I’ve learned to balance many things in life. Having a career, I had to balance my favorite activities, and work. As the years went on, I picked up more responsibility at work, found myself in a relationship, and also started school at Harold Washington College. Having so many things committed to can cause a lot of stress at times, especially when you don’t show enough attention to one or the other.

On a daily basis I have to prioritize all of the four, with school being my main priority. Not showing school enough attention can cause bad grades, the possibility of dropping out, and not getting where I want to be in life.

My job is the most least important, out of the four, considering that my school is paid for. I work as a supported living assistant, with an adult with a disability. The job is more for experience, and extra income, while attending school at Harold Washington. My work schedule is planned around my school schedule, but I do work when I‘m scheduled to work. The thought of being fired from a job, or getting a bad recommendation, doesn’t sit well with me, so I have to make it a priority.

Since 2007, I have been deeply into running, and now cycling. I run anything from 1 mile to a 31 mile ultra marathon run. It is my cure after a long day, or before my day starts, to clear my mind. It has been my favorite stress reliever for 8 years now, and it keeps me sane. I’m a lot more calmer, and feel that I can take over the world, when I have started my day with a workout.

I found myself in a long distance relationship, this year, after leaving Honolulu, Hawaii. So far, we’ve been dating for 1 year, and 3 months now. Prior to dating, we were friends for 2 years, and met while in the running community. Being in a relationship with someone that shares a main interest in a hobby that you love dearly, always opens up conversations. Being in a long distance relationship, you always have to have a good level of trust, and communication with your partner. If not, then it just makes things more confusing, and adds more stress in your life. It can turn a good day, into a bad day before it even starts.

Having so many things committed to will overall make me a better person, and able to plan better. Every responsibility is a priority, and plays a major part in who I’am, and where I want to be in life. Every day, they all have to balance, or it will only make things more complicated in my life.


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