Why did Chicago lose population compared to other US big cities?

​I’m sure there are other reasons, but my guess is the weather, violence, and possibly jobs. I will explain my encounters with all.

Winters are brutal in Chicago, and may seem never ending. One week the weather is warm, and the other its blistering cold, yep! Thats what winter is like. Im a outdoor cyclist and runner, and i have to totally change up my workouts during the winter. If you can take in the beauty of winter vs the temperature of it you’ll be fine. You can’t fail, having good winter clothing. If you are an outdoor person like me, there are alternatives such as indoor gyms.

The violence happens mostly in certain areas, but that doesn’t mean that it cant happen in the safest areas. The numbers are very high, and will make you really think about making a life here, unless you already know about it. The violence seems so never ending, and you really can’t help but to be leary of certain people while being out.

As for jobs, i mean the jobs that one may go for after pursuing a college degree. Me, myself have considered moving once i graduate from school, or either move outside of Chicago. There are so many other students pursuing the same degree, and i see that as a huge problem looking in the future for employment. I feel i have a better chance finding employment for the degree im pursuing outside of Chicago vs in Chicago. Don’t get me wrong, there are jobs here, but I’m meaning for the major im pursuing in college. Outside of my major it’s not bad, but just not what I’m looking for. 


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