Daley Center Plaza

Daley Center Plaza will forever be a place that warms my heart. My first visit here was to experience the Food Truck Rally, which was an event that had a lot of food vendors all in one area. This event fell during Chicago Marathon weekend, and it gave me and my girlfriend something to do. Great time! great memory! I remember it being very cold, and us catching a cab to this area, which was probably less than a mile away from the Hilton, but not knowing our way around Chicago we said oh well. 

Now as a resident of Chicago, i have visited the Picasso sculpture, which is a huge statue created by Pablo Picasso, and I’ve also made this one of my stomping grounds while training for Chicago Marathon. I’ve came many other times, but it was mainly looking for a business in the area. Visiting Daley Plaza Center always takes me back to my first experience here, while at the Food Truck Rally; giving me that heart warming feeling.

Funny thing i just noticed about Daley Plaza Center area are the pigeons! Yep! The pigeons hang out by the fire pit! I call them Chicago pigeons! I’ve never seen a pigeon try to stay warm by a fire, and got a good kick out of that while visiting Adler University. I shared a picture of it, but if you’re in the area take note of that. Beautiful area for pictures, and to get that city feel.



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