Shine On Me

“When the sun shines, you let it shine on you” ~ Gayle Forman

I’m wearing a comfortable reversible faux fur bomber by Apple Bottoms, with a Faded Glory plaid shirt underneath that you will see in the future; 511 Strauss & Co jeans by Levis, and On The Go by Skechers. Another winter look! The bomber reverses into a faux fur bomber which keeps me very warm. We all know that it gets cold in Chicago, but this bomber keeps me very warm in our weather. I have a extra edition to this that I will be sharing soon with just the green plaid shirt by Faded Glory underneath. It’s very nice looking, and I debated on what color jeans to wear them with. I scouted many other green plaid shirt looks, and most had black jeans, so I went with black, but expect to see a different color in the future.

I titled this “Shine On Me”, because no matter how your day is going the sun will always shine down on you! Every day is a new day for it to rise, so be happy, and live life to the fullest. Let it shine on you!

Have a great day


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