2017 Clemson Tigers vs Alabama Crimson Tide

I’d love to see Alabama Crimson Tide win, but also would love to see Clemson Tigers win. My reasons for seeing them both win are different, but overall I’d love to see a new team up on the podium as National Champions.

Since 2009, Alabama has won four national championships alone, and i find myself all the time rooting for the team they are play against, because there has to be change. The only team i see being that change, is the Clemson Tigers, or possibly a Ohio State, but that’s more of in 2018. Ohio State is a good candidate because of how they fell to Clemson, which was a straight shut out, and also where Ohio State stands in recruiting. I do believe they will come back hungry next year, with extra ammunition to the roster.

As for Clemson, Dabo Sweeney is an amazing coach, and from what i saw last year they really took it to Alabama, so when it comes to this game I’m Clemson Tigers all the way, but part of me would love to see Nick Saban tie the record with Bear Bryant. This is definitely one game that you don’t want to miss, and may the best coach win.


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