Soldier Field 10 Mile

​I ran this race back in 2015, and enjoyed it. As a military veteran I loved that they recognized all military veterans whether past, present, and also recognized the fallen. Every year they recognized the fallen that has past away in between last years race. I’ve been running for 10 years now, and as for races that are military friendly that I’d compare this race to would be Army 10 miler, and Marine Corps Marathon. 

As for parking, it was no issue. They allowed us to park inside of Soldier Field parking area, however, I do recommend getting there early because this race gets pretty crowded.

The course is a fast, and very simple out-and-back course, which is certified by Chicago Area Runners Association. Start and finish is located at Soldier Field, with many water stations along the route. I do recommend hydrating, because it can get pretty toasty out.

I hope to run this race as much as I can, because I like what it stands for. I definitely recommend this race, If you’re a huge supporter of our military, or are a military veteran yourself.


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