Strauss Effect

I absolutely love this look! Im a faux leather lover, and had two jackets to choose from in my closet. The jeans were there right in my face, so i grabbed those too, and prior to walking out the door i though why not go with dress shoes vs comfortable walla bees. Anyway, I’m wearing a faux leather jacket by Xhilaration; 510 Strauss & Co jeans by Levis, and Kenneth Cole dress shoes. I title this the “Strauss Effect”, because these jeans are skin tight, and i went through a crazy process putting them on. There is a video that will share of what a woman went through to get into a pair of skinny jeans. I went through the same process, and seriously had to jump up and down to get into these jeans. I love Strauss & Co jeans by Levis, and the process of getting into these were totally worth it.

“How women put on tight jeans” by Sandy Sticklake:

Happy Holidays, and God bless!


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