Englewood 5k

I loved many things about this race: the cause, price, experience and organization. First off; the two main things that attracted me to this race was the name itself, and the price of the race. Gun violence is a huge problem in Englewood, and has been for years. The price was great, and affordable! Most races increase prices as the race comes near, but I didn’t really see that with Englewood 5k. Englewood 5k is by far the lowest costing race that I have ran in Chicago so far, and I’m sure it will not be topped. 

The experience, and organization of the race was great! Lots of positive energy; a very well marked course, and safe considering the area. The race had Chicago Police Officers all over it, well stocked with water, and in the celebration area ‘Whole Foods’ had a table giving out bananas,  apples, and information about events at Whole Foods itself. The race brought positive energy with music, energetic runners, volunteers, supporters, and a DJ that brought extra encouragement while on the the microphone. Prior to the race I was greeted by Mayor Rahm Emanuel; running in to the finish I was greeted by many, and given a finishers medal that I will add to my many other memories. I enjoyed Englewood 5k, and it most definitely will not be my last time participating in this event.

As a student at Kennedy King College, and future alumni; I hope to do many positive things in the area, and being part of this event is one of them. If your looking to do this event in the future; you will not be let down. Great race organized by Ariana Taylor, and Andrea NaTay Drane


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